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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

R.I.P. Dumbledore

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceChapter 27

Dumbledore is dead.

Yes, that took a few hours to sink in. I know people die down the stretch of this story. But Dumbledore? I envisioned an epilogue of Harry and Dumbledore sipping Butterbeers on the veranda at the old folks home for wizards and reminiscing about the old days at Hogwarts and of obliterated Horcruxes.

The shock of Dumbledore's murder should reverberate throughout the magic kingdom. It should kick Scrimgeour into some real action against Voldemort and the Death Eaters. But we shall see. He might try to cover the whole thing up.

My faith in Snape as a good guy has been severed. But what I don't get is why now? Snape could have found a way to eliminate Dumbledore long ago. It doesn't add up. Add it to the list of things to be confused about. But the next time (if there is one) someone works both sides I'm assuming they are with Voldemort. Fool me once ...

If you didn't trust Snape, a tip of the Sorting Hat to you.

What will become of Draco Malfoy? He cleverly used magic to set up the showdown with Dumbledore. But he clearly didn't want to go through with killing Dumbledore, and for that he might die. Perhaps Snape will shield him somehow.

I almost forgot about Harry standing there frozen and unable to help. I guess whatever charm froze him will thaw with Dumbledore's death. Also, as I recall, Dumbledore had the Horcrux locket in his pocket. How will Harry get it and kill a piece of Voldemort's soul?

And does Voldemort feel it when a piece of his soul dies? Or will he be surprised some day to be completely dead (yes, I'm sure he dies in the end)?

How will Harry ever recover the remaining Horcruxes without Dumbledore? Were any instructions left?

What will happen to Hogwarts? Too many possibilities to speculate. One thing is for sure. Snape won't be in class tomorrow.

The closer it seems we get to answers the more questions we get. This is wearing me out, but it's time to look forward and form a battle plan.

The fight has come to your doorstep, Harry. And this ain't Quidditch.

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