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Friday, July 5, 2013

Get ready to fight

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixChapter 25

Despite the utter awkwardness of Harry and Cho's date, Cho did raise an interesting question. Where are the Dementors? And why aren't they near Harry where a Death Eater seems sure to go? Well, it's hard to imagine 10 people breaking out of Azkaban all at once without the help of Dementors. That's my theory anyway.

Harry needs a little date coaching, but who is he going to get it from? Ron? Mad-Eye? For now, Harry will go on stumbling all over himself. Is there a magical word for clueless?

Blame it all on another of Hermione's schemes. She's made Cho jealous for starters. And what kind of repercussions will there be for Harry's tell-all tabloid tale. It's true, of course, but must readers will look at it as more Rita Skeeter lies and half-truths. The Prophet - or Profit if you prefer - won't run it, so when it comes out in the Quibbler it will be a laughingstock.

Big picture, there are lots of Death Eaters on the loose, the Dementors seem to be under Voldemort's control and, yes, Voldemort really is back.

There's a war coming.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Head games

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixChapter 24

My first question about this chapter titled "Occlumency" was how to pronounce it. Thanks to the knowledgeable Potter Heads I live with, I think I have it down now.

I understand that growing up with the Dursleys and being orphaned so young makes Harry less than trusting of adults. He has formed the DA with fellow students, and the only adults he seems to trust his life with are the Weasleys (Mrs. Weasley is a maternal figure) and Sirius (an obvious father figure). He wants to trust Dumbledore with his life, but the old wizard keeps Harry in the dark a little too much for Harry's liking.

It's time for Harry to get over this hate for Snape at least a little bit. Dumbledore evidently trusts Snape, so Harry ought to think about that. Would Dumbledore let Snape get inside Harry's mind if he didn't trust the greasy-haired one? This could be a slippery (or greasy) slope of trusting Snape too much, but my bet is that Snape has reformed his evil ways.

I don't know how this story ends, but I can't help but postulate that Snape will be a key figure in the outcome.

Anyway, it was unexpected to learn that Harry was getting inside Voldemort's mind, not the other way around. There is no explanation as to how this happened, but it must have something to do with the graveyard incident.

And what lies behind the door to the Department of Mysteries? Hope I find out before the next book.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Visiting hours

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixChapter 23

So, Harry is relieved to learn that he was and is not possessed by Voldemort. That would be good news for even old You-Know-Who himself. He can't really like who he is - or what he looks like - when he looks in the mirror either literally or metaphorically.

But we need a villain, so we have Voldemort.

The trip to the hospital introduces us to some new things. We see what has become of poor GilLo. But the key, I suppose, is the revelation of that Neville's parents were spelled into insanity. They were aurors, which could mean that if unassuming and bumbling Neville got any of those genes then he might serve a surprising and useful purpose at some point. It also can't put Harry in any hurry to become an auror.

I suppose we will also have a run-in with Bellatrix Lestrange, the instigator of insanity. Too good of a name to only use once.

Once Christmas break ends it will be back to Hogwarts and more sneaking around to help the cause of the Order. At least that's what my crystal ball says. I do trust it somewhat, mostly because I'm not in Trelawney's class.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More questions with no answers

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixChapter 22

Fans of the Weasley family, this must have been a difficult chapter for you to not peek ahead. I was expecting this to start being the point where the author started killing off characters. Alas, Arthur was saved.

Not sure what to make of Harry seeing what Voldemort's snake sees and the feeling he had toward Dumbledore just before the portkey sent him to see Sirius. I suspect Dumbledore knows or at least strongly suspects, but he's not telling. He's very much into the protocol of need to know.

We're left to think that maybe Voldemort has a way of possessing Harry, according to Moody. I suppose it could something like that, but not exactly. This is one of those chapters that makes you ask questions, makes you want to go right to the next page and keep reading as if  the answer will be there. But I'm sure it's not. It's just another clue, to lead you to another clue, etc.

But I will ask this question. Why would Voldemort want Harry to see this if it meant Arthur would be saved from death? That doesn't fit.

And the key to solving mysteries is figuring out what doesn't fit and why.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sneakin', freakin' and odd

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixChapter 21

In the forest they sneak
Under the mistletoe freak
In his dreams it's bleak

Hagrid's mysterious walk into the woods in search of an elusive creature reminded me of one of my favorite TV shows. Then his shrieking cry cinched it. It was like watching an episode of "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet. Yes, my DVR is set to record every new episode, but don't judge me. I love the mystery.

The Bigfoot researchers are always sneaking into the woods and night and making these loud calls. Sometimes they get a reply, presumably from a Bigfoot. And if you've watched it, Bobo is the show's Hagrid. Actually, Hagrid would make a great Bigfooter. He's actually bigger than Bigfoots are. I bet he could find one.

Of course, the High Instigator shows up and makes more wild assumptions. Somebody needs to feed her that clipboard. I'm sure her fake smile is wide enough to accommodate.

Then it's off to spells practice for the D.A., and the awkward moment of the year between Cho and Harry. So high school.

The end of the chapter, however, reveals an odd occurence. Apparently, Voldemort's pet snake has attacked Mr. Weasley somewhere. Hope the chap is all right for his sake and for the sake of the Order of the Phoenix. It's good to have someone working inside the ministry, and Voldemort, of course, doesn't want anyone in the Order to see what he's doing there.

McGonagall has the sense to know Harry's not just dreaming. Umbridge, of course, would feign a different view, but thankfully she's off dreaming up ways to make everyone's life miserable.

That's the one thing she's good at.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Giants, footprints and Dolores, oh my

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixChapter 20

Ol' Hagrid can' help but tell his story, and thats wha' we love abou' him. The deep secrets he thinks have been entrusted to him only last until his little cloaked friends come for a visit. Getting him to spill the beans is about as easy as getting Dudley to eat dessert.

Quite a tall (pun intended) tale Hagrid had to tell about his visit to the "Land of the Giants" with his girlfriend. I get the idea that the brain of a giant is disproportionate to its size. Not sure what an alliance with these big, dumb idiots will do for either side unless there's a spell to stop them killing each other. Giant-on-giant crime seems to be a real problem in remote mountain valleys.

But nothing, it seems, is too remote for the High Instigator not to shove her uninvited nose in to. I think Harry and friends should tie our fake-smiling friend up in the invisibility cloak after stealing her wand and casting a spell that ties her tongue in a knot. I assume there's some kind of chandelier in the Great Hall they could hang her from indefinitely. No one else would know she's there, and it can be their giant secret. Just don't tell Hagrid.

But I'm dreaming.

I supposed her highness will go on inquisiting and instigating against the D.A.

She's a mean one (kinda like the Grinch).

p.s. Anybody know where I can get a good dragon steak? Sounds like good eatin'.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where's the justice?

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixChapter 19

Been gone 13 months
Just had to rest for a spell
The magic is back

The lesson for today, class, is that actions have consequences, but you can say whatever you please.

Belittle a fellow student with stupid little crowns on your chest. Embarrass him with a stupid song from the Quidditch stands. Hurl insults only a Malfoy could appreciate.

And the faculty is deaf the whole time?

Come on people. It's time to hold Slytherins accountable for their forked tongues. Or are y'all just afraid of Snape?

Not that I'm condoning violence, but no wonder Harry and George had to impress their feelings about the situation on Malfoy's spineless frame.

I support some level of punishment to fit the crime, but the lifetime ban Dolores handed down is as oversized as her fake smile. It's not like they're taking steroids.

This is just more support for the coup that must take place before Dolores turns Hogwarts into a daycare.