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Friday, June 3, 2011

After-dinner ghost stories

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter 5

The meeting wasn't official
But Harry got the scoop on V
Danger surely lies ahead

I'm with Harry on this one. Make him a member of the OOTP. There is no doubt an egomaniac like Voldemort will devise a new way to finally kill the boy. What better way to stop Voldemort than to have Harry in the inner circle.

But what do I know? I'm just a muggle.

This little after-dinner chat has served to catch us up on what the OOTP and V have been up to for the past month while Harry has narrowly survived his Privet Drive sentence. Lots of peaking around corners, slithering up dark alleys, looking through keyholes, apparating to and fro and wand waving is sure to carry us through this 870-page book (I'm only on page 98).

Dumbledore appears to be firmly in control of the OOTP. And as strange things begin to happen, it seems that the OOTP will be able to convert more to their side.

Still, what was said about V trying to stay under the radar might keep this war from being front-page news. I think it will be more fun if the story continues to be one clandestine operation after another.

So let's all keep this to ourselves.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter 4

I suppose Harry has cause for being angry. He has proven he can take care of himself. A bit of explanation about how the summer would go, etc., would have been in order from Dumbledore. Alas, it didn't happen that way and Harry got to speak in ALL CAPS. (By the way, when you get an email or text in ALL CAPS does it feel like the sender is shouting at you?)

So Harry's ANGRY and the Order of the Phoenix is meeting in this rather odd safe house that apparently hasn't been used since the last time Voldemort was on the loose. Funny how others still shudder at the mention of that name.

Percy's allegiance to all things Ministry isn't surprising. He goes where the prestige is and where his ambition will pay off. If the Order of the Phoenix ever gets to work above ground, his tune will change.

Now that Harry is reunited with Sirius, will his tune change as well? OR WILL HE STAY ANGRY AT DUMBLEDORE?

Sorry for the long break since my last post, BUT I'M TRYING.