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Friday, December 24, 2010

Curious thoughts from beneath the cloak

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Chapter 25

It's curious what people are curious about. Harry took what seemed like forever to be curious enough to check out Cedric's hints about the wailing egg. When he finally headed off to the prefects' pool, he got an unexpected visit from an old friend. And when I say old friend, I mean the kind of old friend who when you see them it's like seeing a ghost.

Well, in this case that is the case. It's always good to see Moaning Myrtle emerge from the plumbing, I suppose. She was quite helpful because of her spying on Cedric. So, we know Harry will have to swim to the bottom of the creepy lake to retrieve something important to him and to meet the merpeople.

In case you're curious, I do have more plans to deal with being curious about what people are being curious about. After leaving the pool, Harry shows an impulsive curiosity to see why Crouch is snooping around Snape's office. And the first lesson he learns about being curious is that you must first watch your step, or at least pretend to be Neville watching for tricky steps.

At the end of his narrow escape from Filch and Snape and his trust-building meeting with Mad-Eye Moody, the reader is left with the same curiosity Harry has at the end of the chapter about Snape and Crouch. There's also the question of how will Harry breathe under water and what will he be diving to save.

Hmmm, this is getting curiouser and curiouser.